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Swashbuckle generate schema automatically. Out of the box, it uses class name as the schema id and if you have the same classname from two different namespaces, you get an error.

Swashbuckle.AspNetCore.SwaggerGen.SwaggerGeneratorException: Failed to generate Operation for action - PayController.RequestTransfer (PlaygroundApi). See inner exception
 ---> System.InvalidOperationException: Can't use schemaId "$PostalAddress24" for type "$ISO20022.Messages.Camt_054_001.V09.PostalAddress24". The same schemaId is already used for type "$ISO20022.Messages.Pacs_008_001.V10.PostalAddress24"

To fix it, you have to instruct Swashbuckle to use fullname

builder.Services.AddSwaggerGen(o =>
			o.CustomSchemaIds(type => type.ToString());

(Mon. 18)

Javascript regex. Tue. 12

I had to capture an error message.

const errorMessage = /:(.*?):/g.exec(err)[1] 
// capture everything within :

Alert.alert('Error', errorMessage, [{ text: 'Ok' }], {
  cancelable: true,

AWS AppSync uses request and response resolver. The default resolver doesn’t return the error details. You have to use $utils.error resolver command.

    $utils.error($context.error.message, $context.error.type, $context.arguments)

Also you have to throw an error in the code.

if (await isSerialNumberUsed(registration.serialNumber)) {
  const errorMessage = `Serial number ${registration.serialNumber} is already used`
  throw new Error(errorMessage)

Mon. 11

Setting sentry.io for AWS Lambda Node.js


You can sort a collection of objects in javascript with sort function.

const data = await ddbDocClient.send(new QueryCommand(params))
return data
  .sort((a, b) => new Date(b.registrationDateIso).getTime()
    - new Date(a.registrationDateIso).getTime())