Using Amplify CLI

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To install the CLI

npm i -g @aws-amplify/cli

To configure

amplify configure

Specify the AWS Region
? region:  # Your preferred region
Specify the username of the new IAM user:
? user name:  # User name for Amplify IAM user
Complete the user creation using the AWS console

Once the user is created, Amplify CLI will ask you to provide the accessKeyId and the secretAccessKey to connect Amplify CLI with your newly created IAM user.

Enter the access key of the newly created user:
? accessKeyId:  # YOUR_ACCESS_KEY_ID
? secretAccessKey:  # YOUR_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY
This would update/create the AWS Profile in your local machine
? Profile Name:  # (default)

Successfully set up the new user.

Amplify commands

amplify <command> <subcommand>

init Initializes a new project, sets up deployment resources in the cloud, and makes your project ready for Amplify.
configure Configures the attributes of your project for amplify-cli, such as switching front-end framework and adding/removing cloud-provider plugins.
push Provisions cloud resources with the latest local developments
publish Executes amplify push, and then builds and publishes client-side application for hosting
serve Executes amplify push, and then executes the project’s start command to test run the client-side application locally
status Shows the state of local resources not yet pushed to the cloud (Create/Update/Delete)
delete Deletes all of the resources tied to the project from the cloud
<category> add Adds a resource for an Amplify category in your local backend
<category> update Update resource for an Amplify category in your local backend
<category> push Provisions all cloud resources in a category with the latest local developments
<category> remove Removes a resource for an Amplify category in your local backend
<category> Displays subcommands of the specified Amplify category
mock Run mock server for testing categories locally
codegen Generates GraphQL statements(queries, mutations and eventHandlers) and type annotations
env Displays and manages environment related information for your Amplify project
console Opens the web console for the selected cloud resource