React Navigation in my code

less than 1 minute read

  • Create a mother Stack that hosts all other Stacks
  • Create AppContainer that contains the stack
const ModalStack = createStackNavigator({
    Form: createStackNavigator(
      { New: RegistrationForm },
      { headerMode: 'none', layoutCenter }
    ScanBarcode: ScanBarcode,
    AddressScreen: AddressScreen
  }, {
    headerMode: 'none',
    mode: 'modal'

const RootStack = createBottomTabNavigator({
  Home: createStackNavigator({ Home }, {headerMode: 'none', layoutCenter}),
  MyList: RegistrationStack,
  New: ModalStack,
  News: createStackNavigator({ News }, {headerMode: 'none', layoutCenter}),
  Profile: createStackNavigator({ Profile }, {headerMode: 'none', layoutCenter}),
}, {

I had an error saying “AddressScreen” was not a React component. My mistake. I forgot exporting the component.

// I forgot this.
export default connect(mapStateToProps, mapDispatchToProps)(AddressScreen);