Auto-increment counter in dynamodb

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# cli example
aws dynamodb update-item \
    --table-name ProductCatalog \
    --key '{"Id": { "N": "601" }}' \
    --update-expression "SET Price = Price + :incr" \
    --expression-attribute-values '{":incr":{"N":"5"}}' \
    --return-values UPDATED_NEW

It’s a shame that Cosmos DB doesn’t support this yet. I use Auzre at work and AWS for my personal projects. Naturally I tend to compare the app services they provide.

The below is my C# code snippet that uses atomic counter.

public async Task<(int, Exception)> Save(PostId id)
    Console.WriteLine($"Increasing a view count for a post: {id.Value}");

    var getResponse = await _dynamoDbClient.GetItemAsync(
        new Dictionary<string, AttributeValue> 
    var countExists = getResponse.Item.ContainsKey(Keys.Id);
    var key = new Dictionary<string, AttributeValue> ;
    var attributeUpdates = new Dictionary<string, AttributeValueUpdate>
            1.ToAttributeValueUpdate(countExists ? AttributeAction.ADD : AttributeAction.PUT)

    var response = await _dynamoDbClient.UpdateItemAsync(Tables.ViewCounts, key, attributeUpdates);

    return (0, null);

One extra thing I had to do was to pass AttributeAction conditionally. If the count of a post doesn’t exist, AttributeAction.ADD doesn’t work, as there’s no number to increase. In that case, I had to pas AttributeAction.PUT.