MS Build – Publish to FileSystem

I’m working for a simple project and wanted to deploy it to the webserver in my church. I installed TeamCity and set it up to pull the source code from github and build it.

The challenge was, unexpectedly, publish. Initially, I used MS Web Deploy. For some reason I couldn’t figure out, it didn’t work. Also, I had to install an extra service. So I went for a simple msbuild file system deploy.

msbuild .\WebDrive.csproj /t:Package
    /p:_PackageTempDir="\\webserver\output" /p:Configuration="Release"

On TeamCity, I added an additional build step and configure it like these

  • Runner type: MSBuild
  • Build file path: WebDrive/WebDriveWeb.csproj
  • Targets: Clean;Build;Publish
  • Command line parameters: /t:Package /p:_PackageTempDir=”\\web\output” /p:Configuration=”Release”

Much simpler that web deployment.

Team City Basics

This post is about the way I use TeamCity and would not be completed for the time being.

Checkout rules

you make checkout path to map to different path. For example, ruby build scripts are used multiple places, and you can set it to be deployed to different directories depending on your build set up. Honestly, I don’t understand this feature very well, but the way I use is

build => ruby

to be continued…