Pulling records from a referenced table using Entity Framework

Strangely, most of Entity Framework examples are for just one table. In real world, it is very rare, unless you use some document database. Often you get a result set from a database which joins two or three tables.

There is one example of how to use navigation property.

I tried it, and thanks to ReSharper, I learned that I could use “let” linq statement, if you fetch only one row

my code changed like this.

using (var context = new PLog())
 var prcs = (from p in context.PTableSet
 where p.UId == UId
 let c = p.Customer.FirstOrDefault()
 select new Pricing()
 Ec = p.Ec,
 Fv = p.Fv,
 RoEc = p.RoEc,
 RoRwa = p.RoRwa,
 Rwa = p.Rwa,
 UId = p.UId,
 VD = p.VD,
 Customer = new Customer() {Name = c.Name},

 return prcs.ToList();