To get started with ASP.Net MVC 2

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I work on a few personal projects. Personal projects are fun, because you can choose which technology and tools you are going to use and often you can experiment with the latest fancy things. I once used ASP.Net MVC for my toast manager and became a fan of ASP.NET MVC. Also, my experience with ASP.Net MVC helped me greatly with my programming at work, which is Webform based.

ASP.Net MVC 2 has finally come. At the same time, the hard drive in my laptop  went bust, so I replaced it with a new one and installed OS and tools again. Of course, I installed ASP.Net MVC 2 because it is the latest version, and a problem appeared. I couldn't open my projects in ASP.Net MVC 1!

So, if you worked with ASP.Net MVC 1 and now want to play with MVC 2, you need to prepare yourself a little bit by reading a few articles. Here, they are.

Hope this helps.