Visual Studio 2010 Command Prompt Here On the Context Menu of Windows Explorer

You use keyboards and command line more and more, as you get more experienced with the tools in development. If you install git on windows, it creates "Git bash here" context menu on Windows Explorer. It is really handy, and I like it. I believe Visual Studio installation should do the same.

Well, it doesn't, but you can create it, if you want, with the little manipulation of windows registry.

First, open regedit. Make sure you export the current settings as backup, as your mistake can paralyse your system.

Second, Create two registry keys to enable the context menu on Windows Explorer.

The values are like these



Then go to windows explorer and right-click on any directory. You will see a menu "Visual Studio 2010 Command Prompt Here"

Let me explain what's happening here.


I also referenced the below nice posts.

but eventually, I used git's "bash shell here" registry settings.