“the file cannot be accessed by the system” after deleting windows home server

1 minute read

Honestly I panicked when I tried to open a text file and found that I could not open the file nor copy it. I installed Windows Home Server. I liked the simple interface and enjoyed the straightforward backup. I deleted and installed Windows XP, because my HP Deskjet 1560 did not have its driver for windows server.

Then the problem appeared. As Windows Home Server does it, all my data files were on D:\ drive. When the XP installation finished, I tried to open a text file. I had an error messsage saying "the file cannot be accessed by the system." First, I thought, ah it must be something with NTFS ACL. I managed to find xcacls.vbs which shows NTFS ACL permission. It was ok. "Builtin\Administrators" had "Full Control" permission on the file. I googled the error message, and http://support.microsoft.com/kb/262320 said I have to install "Remote Storage Database" back. Probably, it was true partly, and WHS seems to use it underneath. But I couldn't install WHS back, because WHS deletes all data on disk on installation. I googled again, adding "Home Server" to the error message. And at last, a social MSDN post gave me a very simple solution. It seems that there was a guy who panicked like me.

The solution is to find the hidden /DE folder on your disk and copoy from it. Please visit the link and read the post. A guy called "bruber" really explained it very professionally.

I think Windows Home Server is a very good idea, but if it is intended to be used at home, I believe it should handle driver issues. Many cheap peripheral devices for PC usually do not provide drivers for server windows.