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rake basics

less than 1 minute read

Rake is ruby make, a make-like language in ruby. make has been used to build code in linux & unit environment. [sourcecode language="bash"] $ bundle exec...

git tips

4 minute read

I have used git for a year now on my personal projects, but it's still mysterious. I feel like I need a good gui like TortoiseHG. Probably Git Extension is t...

Setting up ruby on rails on ubuntu

3 minute read

First of all, I am following on-line version of rails tutorial ( Michael recommend...

Visiting Leeds Castle

less than 1 minute read

Used AirBnb. Staying in a local countryhome was a fantastic experience. My wife enjoyed it more than I did. Rented a car from Zipcar. It was very handy. 

Git, Merging from Remote Branch

2 minute read

I did this on Bash on Windows 7 (64bit) against my github account. I tried to push my change to github, and found it's not possible. [sourcecode language="ba...