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How to Set Up a New TypeScript Project

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Initialise the project

Create a project directory

mkdir typescript-quizzes
cd typescript-project
yarn add -D typescript

Now initialise the project

npx tsc --init

Using the --init flag in the above command will initialize your project by creating a tsconfig.json  file in your typescript-project project directory. This tsconfig.json file will allow you to configure further and customize how TypeScript and the tsc compiler interact. You can remove, add, and change configurations in this file to best meet your needs.

Uncomment outDir option and enable it

"outDir": "./build",

Add "type": "module", to the package.json to enable import statement

Compiling the TypeScript project

const world = 'world';
export function hello(who: string = world): string {
return `Hello ${who}! `;

npx tsc will compile it and generate a compiled javascript file in the ./build directory. You can activate

Add .gitignore file for the source control to the root directory.

Using Google TypeScript Style to Lint and Correct Your Code

Using a linter when coding will help you to quickly find inconsistencies, syntax errors, and omissions in your code. Additionally, a style guide will not only help you ensure that your code is well-formed and consistent but allows you to use additional tools to enforce that style. A common tool for these is eslint, which works well with many IDEs to help during the development process.

With your project now set up, you can use other tools in the TypeScript ecosystem to help and avoid having to set up linting and configuration in the tsconfig.json file by hand. Google TypeScript Style is one such tool. Google TypeScript Style, known as GTS, is a style guide, linter, and automatic code corrector all in one. Using GTS will help you to quickly bootstrap a new TypeScript project and avoid focusing on small, organizational details to focus on designing your project. GTS also offers opinionated default configuration. This means that you won’t have to do much configuration customization.

yarn add -D gts

Set up Jest

yarn add --dev jestAdd the test script to the `package.json`

Then Initialise Jest

jest --init
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