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How to Pass Parameters to NPM Scripts

node.js1 min read

NPM scripts are a great way to automate tasks in your development workflow. But what if you need to pass parameters to your scripts? For example, you might want to run a script against a different environment, or with different settings.

This is what I figured out while working on the Cypress tests.

Passing Parameters to NPM Scripts

To pass a parameter to an NPM script, you use the -- character. For example, the following command will run the test:cypress script, and pass the baseUrl parameter with the value http://localhost:8080:

Code snippet

npm run test:cypress -- --config baseUrl=http://localhost:8080

The -- character tells NPM that the following arguments are for the script, not for NPM itself. The -config parameter is a Cypress parameter, and the baseUrl value is the URL of the local environment.

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