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Handy `git` aliases I use day to day

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These aliases provide shortcuts for Git commands I commonly use, making your workflow faster and more efficient.

The global git configuration file is typically stored int he user's home directory, ~/.gitconfig

git config --get-regexp alias
# list of handy git aliases I use.
git config --global --unset alias.trololo
# to remove git alias you don't want any more
git config --global 'checkout'
# check out a branch
git config --global 'checkout -b'
# create a new branch
git config --global alias.renew "!f() { git branch -D $1 && git checkout -b $1; }; f"
# delete and recreate the branch
git config --global 'push'
# push to the remote repository
git config --global 'pull'
# pull from the remote repository
git config --global 'status -sb'
# shows the current branch, unstaged changes, and staged changes
git config --global alias.ll 'log --oneline'
# displays the git log in a single line format for each commit
git config --global alias.last 'log -1 HEAD --stat'
# shows information about the most recent commit
git config --global 'commit -m'
# commit changes with a message
git config --global alias.rv 'remote -v'
# view information about remote repositories
git config --global 'config --global -l'
# lists all configured git aliases and settings
git config --global '!git rev-list --all | xargs git grep -F'
# search all commits for a keyword
git config --global alias.dnm '!git branch | grep -v "master\\|main" | xargs git branch -D'
# delete all branches other than master or main
git config --global alias.fb '!git fetch && git rebase origin/main'
# fetch changes from the remote and rebase the local branch
git config --global '!git fetch && git merge origin/main'
# fetch changes fromt he remote and merge the local branch
git config --global alias.acp '!f() { git add -A && git commit -am "$1" && git push; }; f'
# add, commit, and push
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