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Getting started with Scala in VSCode

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Install Scala

Install JDK

For windows, download and execute the Scala installer for Windows.

________ ___ / / ___
/ __/ __// _ | / / / _ |
__\ \/ /__/ __ |/ /__/ __ |
/____/\___/_/ |_/____/_/ | |
Checking if a JVM is installed
Found a JVM installed under C:\Program Files\Eclipse Adoptium\jdk-
Checking if ~\AppData\Local\Coursier\data\bin is in PATH
Should we add ~\AppData\Local\Coursier\data\bin to your PATH? [Y/n]
Checking if the standard Scala applications are installed
Installed ammonite
Installed cs
Installed coursier
Installed scala
Installed scalac
Installed scala-cli
Installed sbt
Installed sbtn
Installed scalafmt

Install sbt

Metals is a Scala language server that supports code completions, type at point, goto definition, fuzzy symbol search and other advanced code editing and navigation capabilities

On VS Code, go to Extensions and search for Metals (Scala) and install it.

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