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Debugging Checkbox State Updates by

react native, jest, immer1 min read

immer, while offers numerous benefits, its inner workings can sometimes present unexpected challenges.

I was building a React Native app with a feature where users can complete a logbook for specific jobs. To mark completion, you implement a checkbox that updates the job.boilerReadings.logBook property. However, things take a turn when you encounter a seemingly straightforward error: "cannot set logBook of null."

My Debugging Journey

Understanding the Error

The error stems from attempting to assign a value to a non-existent property (logBook) within the nested boilerReadings object. This happens because, initially, boilerReadings is undefined.

Immer's Hidden Gem

While working with Immer, remember that it returns a function instead of the directly updated state. This function encapsulates the state updates you've defined.

Unit Test Revelation

My initial unit test below failed because it simply checked the returned function from setJob, which wasn't the actual updated state object.

const newJobState = setJob.mock.calls[0][0]

Because I used immer, setJob received an anonymous function, the the object.

The Fix

Conditional Initialization

To prevent the null property error, we add a conditional check:

This ensures that boilerReadings exists before assigning logBook.

onChange={checked => setJob(currentJob => produce(currentJob, draft => {
if (!draft.boilerReadings) {
draft.boilerReadings = {};
draft.boilerReadings.logBook = checked;

Correct Unit Test

We modify the unit test to call the returned function with the initial state:

const newJobState = setJob.mock.calls[0][0](testJob);

My key takeaway was that immer returns a function to calculate the final state.

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