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Creating TextArea with auto-growing height

react, html1 min read

In building user-friendly React applications, providing seamless interactions with forms is crucial. Textareas often play a central role in capturing user input, and ensuring a smooth experience involves addressing their dynamic nature.

Enter the Auto-Growing textarea

Imagine a scenario where a user begins typing within a textarea, only to discover the available space insufficient for their content. Manually adjusting the height can disrupt their flow. This is where auto-growing textareas step in, automatically expanding as users type, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

Implementation in React

Here's the code example on implementing an auto-growing textarea in React using the onChange event handler and scrollHeight property:

const FormField = ({ field, fieldConfig }) => {
const handleOnChange = (event) => { = 'inherit'; = `${}px`;
return (
<textarea {...field}
style={{ height: 'auto', overflow: 'auto' }}

Key Points:

  • The onChange handler tracks content changes and adjusts height accordingly.
  • scrollHeight reflects the content's actual height, ensuring accurate resizing.

This simple technique significantly improves user experience by eliminating the need for manual height adjustments, creating a smoother and more intuitive interaction with textareas in your React applications.

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