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The aria-label attribute is used in HTML to define a string that labels the current element. It's used to improve accessibility for screen readers and other assistive technologies.In the context of your code, aria-label is used to provide an accessible name for different elements in the PalmChatTab component. For example, aria-label='Code' provides an accessible name of "Code" for an element, aria-label='Chat' provides an accessible name of "Chat", and so on.These labels can be used by screen readers to read out the names of the elements to the user. They can also be used by testing libraries like React Testing Library to find elements in the DOM. Here's an example of how aria-label can be used in HTML:

<button aria-label='Close'>X</button>

In this example, the aria-label attribute provides an accessible name of "Close" for the button. This name can be read out by screen readers, making it clear to the user that this button is used to close something.

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