C# in functional flavour

Functional programming can make your head explode. This book stitches it back together.

Daniel Marbach, Particular Software

C# is often the default language for .NET developers and has embraced and added more and more functional elements over time. I know F# should be the choice for serious functional programming, but C# can be a good option when your projects are already written in C#.
C# is more functional than ever with the release of C# 7. Another really good book I came across on Safari Books online. This book is about functional programming, not just a few tips and tricks to imitate F# or Haskell.
F# is the future on .NET, but often you are paid to write C#. By writing C# in functional way, you will stay relevant and get paid. You can bake the cake and eat it!
In that context, Functional Programming in C# from Manning Publication (https://www.manning.com/books/functional-programming-in-c-sharp),  is a very good book for any C# devs who want to start functional programming without changing their job. With its many practical examples, the book is written for proficient C# programmers with no prior FP experience. It will give you an awesome new perspective.

All the code examples are on Github, https://github.com/la-yumba/functional-csharp-code

The author is very good at explaining the definitions of functional concepts and jargons. Especially I liked his way of introducing functor and monad with maps and bind.

Enrico Buonanno’s online presense:




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