Test Data Builder with Fluent lambda interface

With the builder pattern, you can create an object in a more flexible and explicit way. And C# lamdba syntax makes the fluent interface more succinct

For example,

User fred = new UserTestDataBuilder()
.With(u => u.Name = "fred")
.With(u => u.Reputation = 900)
.With(u => u.ScholarBadge = true)
.With(u => u.CriticBadge = true)

You just need an Action<T> method and a class for the properties to populate.

public class UserSpec
    public string Name {get; set;}
    public int Reputation {get; set;}

public class UserTestDataBuilder()
    private UserSpec _userSpec = new UserSpec();
    public UserTestDataBuilder With(Action&lt;UserSpec&gt; action)
        return this;

    public User Build()
        return new User(_userSpec.Name, _userSpec.Reputation, 
            _userSpec.ScholarBadge, _userSpec.CriticBadge);

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