Sony VAIO NR38M drivers and utilities

I bought a refurbished vaio NR38M earlier 2 months ago. It is a nice laptop with good price and has Vista installed with lots of other programs. I wanted to use Windows 7 on it, and usually windows 7 performs better than Vista.

I can find all drivers, but it is very difficult to find a utility programs that enable keyboard function key. I don’t understand why Sony did in this way, using special program to enable function key.

A day later, I found that the above drivers page has links to Vaio’s driver and utility repository ftp.

You can see all originally installed drivers and utilities. Keyboard shortcuts are manaaged by a program called “Vaio Event Service.” I managed to figure it out using process explorer, thought some other guys on Internet already mentioned it. You can find Event service installation program from the above ftp link. I tried a seeminglyl latest one


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