Writing text stream in VB6

I had rather unusual experience of writing VB6 code in 2007. I had to support one of old applications, written probably around 2001. It is to write XML file into text stream. The codes are like the followings.

Dim objXMLResult As MSXML2.FreeThreadedDOMDocument30
Set objXMLResult = New MSXML2.FreeThreadedDOMDocument30

Dim objProcessor As MSXML2.IXSLProcessor
Set objProcessor = objXSLTemplate.createProcessor
objProcessor.input = objXMLDoc
objProcessor.addParameter "SiteID", 4
'objProcessor.output = objResultStream

Dim translateXml As String
Dim objFileSystem As New FileSystemObject
Dim objStream As TextStream
objFileSystem.CreateTextFile "c:\temp\XslResult.txt", True, True
Set objStream = objFileSystem.OpenTextFile("c:\temp\XslResult.txt", ForWriting)

translateXml = objProcessor.output
objStream.Write translateXml


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